Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lesson # 187 "I Will Be Talking To..."

Je lui parlerai à 20 heures ce soir (zhuh loo ee pahr leh ray ah vahnt urr) - I will be speaking to him at 10 o'clock tonight.
Je leur parlerai plus tard (zhuh lurr pahr lurr ay ploo tahr) -I will be speaking to them later.
Je te parlerai encore demain (zhuh teh pahr lurr ay ahn kohr deh mahn) -I will speak to you again tomorrow.
Je vous parlerai plus tard après le déjeunerzhuh voo pahr lurr ay  ploo tahr ah pray leh day zhuh nay) -I will speak to you later after lunch -to a group of people 
Je te parlerai après demain (zhuh teh pahr lurr ay ah pray deh mahn) -I will talk to you the day after tomorrow) 

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