Sunday, September 12, 2010


Hi, just wanted to welcome any newcomers here. Hope you enjoy this site as much as I like creating it. It's just a simple, easy site to learn some French. You will not become fluent here. My goal here was to make a site where I would practice one easy lesson or phrase a day, and hopefully some of what I practice I would remember. It does work. I can safely say, I understand more French than I did 2 years ago when I started this site. If you really want to learn, use this site as an extra learning tool. But do as I do. Anytime you see something listed here, look up in the dictionaries, other sites, and other French books, to keep building on your knowledge.

As I have said, I am still not fluent in French (that may take my whole lifetime to achieve), but I feel I can stumble around France and be somewhat understood. That is the real goal here. To learn words and phrases needed so that if we were visiting France, we would not have to rely on finding someone who speaks English to get around.

One more note: I am not perfect. I tend to use sentences here that come from books and French forums. Neither are perfect. The things I have found in books are not always correct. Many thanks to people like Isabelle, Sylvie, Ori and many others who constantly help me with corrections. Always check back a day or 2 later to make sure I haven't changed any posts that might have been incorrect. Sometimes the corrections are even subtle ones, with my friends telling me of even better ways of saying a phrase.

So once again, have fun with this site, and have fun learning French!
ton ami, Roy

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