Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quick Phrase of the Day - What Did He Tell You?

Qu'est-ce qu'il t'a dit? (kess keel tah dee) -What did he tell you?

Repeat this phrase all day long till you know it by heart.

Vocabulary word of the day:
maison (may zohn) -house
une maison (oon may zohn) -a house
la maison (lah may zohn) -the house
ma maison (mah may zohn) -my house

Friday, October 15, 2010

Quick Phrase of the Day - He Gave Me Some Money

il moi as donné de l’argent (eel mwah ah doh nay deh lahr zhan) -He gave me some money

Repeat this phrase till you know it by heart.

Vocabulary word of the day:
rue (roo) -street
la rue (lah roo) -the street
une rue (oon roo) -a street

Monday, October 11, 2010

Quick Phrase of the Day - I Hope You Don't Mind

J’espère que vous n’y voyez pas d’inconvénient (zheh spehr keh voo nee vwah yay pah dahn kahn vee nee ahn) -I hope you don't mind

Repeat this phrase all day long till you know it by heart.

Vocabulary word of the day:
liquide (lee kweed) -liquid
un liquide (uhn lee kweed) -a liquid
le liquide (leh lee kweed) -the liquid

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lesson # 192 Hearing

M'entendez-vous bien? (mahn tahn day voo bee ehn) -Can you hear me?
Tu t'imagines des choses (too tah mah zheen day shohz) -You are hearing things
J'ai appris que tu partir (zhay ah pree keh too pahr teer) -I hear that you are leaving.
Tu n'es pas au courant (too neh pahz oh koor rahn) -Haven't you heard?
J'ai telement entendu parler de vous.(zhay tell eh mahnt ahn tahn doo pahr lay deh voo) -I heard so much about you.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Must See French Film -Wasabi

A woman (later revealed to be a transvestite) dancing provocatively to the enjoyment of other nightclub patrons is abruptly hit in the face by Hubert Fiorentini (Reno), a commisaire of the French Police. Fiorentini drags her/him out of the club in handcuffs, assaulting other patrons who come too close to free the captive woman or attempt to hinder his exit. Unfortunately, one of these patrons includes the Prefect's son.
Hubert Fiorentini is chastised for the violent and unorthodox methods that he uses to accomplish his goals and is put on paid leave from the force. Despite his success and his seemingly enjoyable lifestyle of fighting crime, playing golf, and being the object of a beautiful woman's (Bouquet's) attentions, he has been unable to forget his one true love, Miko, a Japanese spy he met 19 years prior. Upon receiving news of her death, he is summoned to Japan by her lawyer, Ishibashi (Hirata Haruhiko) for the reading of her will.

Ishibashi informs Fiorentini that he has inherited the guardianship of Yumi (Hirosue), a fiery, adorable and eccentric Japanese/French teenage girl over whom he has custody until she reaches adulthood in two days (the age of adulthood in Japan being 20). Yumi, who was led to believe she was the result of her mother's rape and subsequent abandonment, hates her unknown father. Hubert realizes Yumi is his daughter, but doesn't tell her as she would probably flee him.
Fiorentini uncovers evidence that Miko was the victim of foul play. He discovers that Miko had stolen a small fortune from the Yakuza, a fortune now destined for Yumi upon reaching adulthood. Fiorentini summons the help of Momo (Muller), a former intelligence colleague living in Tokyo. He helps Fiorentini with further investigations into Miko's death and in guarding Yumi from the Yakuza by supplying him with two metal suitcases of weapons.
Yumi discovers that Fiorentini is her father as she is captured by the Yakuza. With the help of former intelligence colleagues, Fiorentini and Momo free Yumi from her kidnappers when they attempt to withdraw money from Yumi's bank account. During the rescue attempt a gunfight breaks out and all of the Yakuza are killed without any casualties to the "good guys".
Following the ordeal, Fiorentini takes a flight back to France, having promised Yumi he would be back in a month. But just before the plane takes off, a group of customs officers enter the cabin with two familiar metal suitcases in hand, asking for their owner.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Must See French Film -With A Friend Like Harry

It takes nearly an hour for anything unusual to happen in With a Friend Like Harry, but that first hour is oddly unsettling. German filmmaker Dominik Moll reveals the trouble with Harry (Sergi López) with low-key precision, his thriller sensibility channeled from Hitchcock through Claude Chabrol, while emphasizing casual conversation in the style of Eric Rohmer. Harry's found Michel (Laurent Lucas) in a public restroom, identifying himself as an old schoolmate who remembers far too much about Michel, even though Michel has no recollection of Harry at all. But Harry's an ingratiating type, and nice enough on the surface, so Michel invites Harry and his girlfriend, Plum (Sophie Guillemin), to the summer cottage he's renovating with his wife, Claire (Mathilde Seigner), and their three young daughters. The Spanish actor López (from An Affair of Love) modulates his performance so carefully that Harry's psychosis--never explained, but strangely compelling--reverberates well beyond the film's shocking conclusion.

Children's Word of the Day -Newspaper

Wednesday, October 6, 2010