Sunday, January 4, 2009

Children's Word Review of the Week

un chien (uhn shee yen) -a dog
une pomme (oon pahm) -an apple
un chapeau (uhn shah poh) -a hat
lapin (lah puh) -bunny  (very very soft "n" nasal sound at the end)
téléphone (tay lay fone) - telephone
terrain de jeu (teh rayn deh zhoo) -playground
un biscuit (uhn biss kwee) -a cookie


  1. I realize you're a beginner, but your pronunciation is NOWHERE NEAR actual French pronunciation. Perhaps you should master some of this yourself before you start trying to teach someone else?

  2. The purpose of this site is not to master french. If you read the reason of this site I have listed is to be able to learn enough french to be able to get around Paris if we decide to go there. I have mentioned many times that I know that I will probably never sound like a true french person, but like the many foreigners that visit us here in Hawaii, they can not speak English perfectly, but I am able to understand what they are trying to say. That is our purpose here, to be able to learn enough french to be able to make our way in France as easily as possible. This is supposed to be just a fun & easy site to help me & everyone else to learn words & phrases at a relaxed & easy pace.

  3. I am always happy to accept any criticism, but please at least be courteous enough not to be annonymous. I have several nice people here who help correct me when I do make mistakes, to keep this site as accurate as possible. Instead of telling me it's wrong, at least tell us what is wrong, so I can correct it.

  4. Hi Roy,
    Just to let you know:
    UnE pomme
    Un terrain de jEU

    Also you pronounce lapine as if there was an "e" at the end of the word. Sorry, I can't think of the same "in" or "hein" or "ain" sound in English. But you don't say the "n".

    When saying biscuit, you need to say it almost like biscoui (u+i make sort of a oui sound!)

    Hope I'm clear here!

  5. this is what makes this site great!


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