Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Must See French Film -Le Boucher

The Butcher (French: Le Boucher) is a 1970 French drama / thriller film written and directed byClaude Chabrol.
Helene is a confident, slightly naive young teacher who is adored by her pupils at the school where she works and lives. She meets the local butcher, Popaul, at a wedding ceremony, and they strike up a close but platonic relationship. The film examines how Helene handles her suspicion of Popaul as a series of women in the small town fall victim to an unknown murderer.
Film Critics have compared Claude Chabrol to Alfred Hitchcock for years. The plot of Chabrol’s ‘’Le Boucher’’ seems simple, but many people have pointed out the complexities within the film’s two protagonists, as well as Chabol’s ability to mimic Hitchcock thrillers, yet surpass them in a sense. ‘’Le Boucher’’ is one of two films that Alfred Hitchcock stated that he wished he had made, a fact that must have given Chabrol a great deal of pleasure given his love of the master.

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