Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lesson #223 -Received

J'ai reçu... (zhay reh soo) -I received...
Tu as reçu... (too ah reh soo) -You received... (when speaking to a friend or family member)
il a reçu... (eel ah reh soo) -he received...
elle a reçu... (ell ah reh soo) -she received...
nous avons reçu... (nooz ah vohn) -We received...
vous avez reçu... (vooz ah vay reh soo) -You received... (when speaking to someone you don't know well)
ils ont reçu... (eel zohn reh soo) -They received... (when speaking of an all male or mixed male & female group)
elles ont reçu (ell zohn reh soo) -They received...  (when speaking of an all female group)

J'ai reçu la lettre (zhay reh soo lah leh truh) -I received the letter.
As-tu reçu le paquet? (ah too reh soo leh pah kay) -Did you recieve the package?
ils ont reçu les billets hier (eel zohn reh soo lay bee yay eer) -They received the tickets yesterday.

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