Thursday, August 19, 2010

Well...I like reading subtitles...

I've often told people who like movies, to rent foreign films because there are so many movies that are just as good or better than the American films being turned out these days. But the response I sometimes get is "I hate reading subtitles". Sigh. These people will never know the pleasures of hundreds of films which are great films.
I compiled a short list of English speaking films that take place in France for those who will not be a part of the Subtitle reading world. 

(Makes me wonder if there are also French speaking people who have never seen a Hitchcock film or a Woody Allen film, or an Indiana Jones film, because they will not go to a film with French subtitles?) 

The short list:
Irma La Douce
Funny Face
To Catch A Thief
An American In Paris
Paris When It Sizzles
The Day Of The Jackal
How To Steal A Million
The DaVinci Code
Le Devorce
French Kiss
The Man In The Iron Mask
The Count Of Monte Cristo
Moulin Rouge


  1. You have a great start on a list there...

    I watch foreign films almost exclusively and do not mind subtitles, some of the best films have come from reading this blog.

  2. I not only do not mind reading subtitles, but I'll even put the subtitles on English films also, especially late at night when I have to keep the volume low.

  3. Reading subtitles never bothered me as far as I remember.
    Anyway I personally try to watch movie in the original version, specially because the kind of movie I watch make me think that dubbing will be awful. Moreover, the emotion is never showed the same way in both languages...

    Then, to hear original version helps to learn more than people can imagine. =)


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