Friday, August 20, 2010

Paris Plages

Summer holidays and families frolicking on fine sand beaches: where else but Paris Plages? When this annual event gets underway, Parisians and tourists alike are seen on ... the banks of the Seine every summer, comfortably soaking up the sunshine on colourful deckchairs, watching a concert, taking part in ‘beach’ sport or sipping a trendy cocktail at one of the various stands on this summer’s hippest beach.
Paris Plages is an event conceived to provide family fun. It invites visitors to take a pleasant stroll through holiday land. A host of activities are organized for an entire month: there are water sports such as pedal, paddle and small boat rides in the Bassin de la Villette and open-air activities such as beach rugby or a dip in the floating swimming pool, plus quieter leisure occupations such as painting sessions: or you can simply lie back in your deckchair and read.
Whether you’re a Parisian who can’t afford a beachside holiday this year or a visitor wanting to see a new side to Paris, you will really enjoy Paris Plages. Don’t forget your sunglasses and suntan lotion!

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