Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Quick Phrase of the Day - There Is A Traffic Jam

il y a un bouchon (eel ee ah uhn boo shan) There is a traffic jam.

Repeat this phrase all day long till you know it by heart.

un bouchon can have many meanings it can mean:
a plug
an obstruction
a stopper
a cork
a tampon

bouchon à vis (boo shahn ah vee) -screw cap
bouchon d'objectif (boo shahn dohb jehk teef) -lens cover
bouchon de bouteille (boo shahn deh boo tay) -bottle cap
bouchon de radiateur (boo shahn deh rah dee ah toor) -radiator cap
tire bouchon (teer boo shahn) -cork screw

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