Saturday, April 4, 2015


Some expressions for saying goodbye: 
Passez une bonne jornée (pass ay oon bohn zhor nay) -Have a nice day 
Passez un bon week-end (pass uhn bohn week ehn) -Have a good weekend 
Passez une bonne semaine (pass ay oon bohn she mahn) -Have a good week 
Je vous souhaite une bonne journée (zhuh voo soo ate oon bohn zhoor nay) -I wish you a good day
When you are not going to see someone for a while with no definate date to meet again you would say: 
au revoir (ohr vwah) - goodbye
If you are going to see someone again at a specific time, you would say: 
À tout à l'heure (ah toot ah lure) -See you later
If you were going to see someone soon, but at an unspecific time, you would say: 
À bientôt (ah bee yehn toh) -See you soon

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