Saturday, July 26, 2014

Quick Phrase of the Day - Do You Know Where He/She Is?

Savez-vous où il est? (sah vay voo ooh eel ay) -Do you know where he is?
Savez-vous où elle est? (sah vay voo ooh ell ay) -Do you know where she is?

Repeat this phrase all day long till you know it by heart.

Vocabulary breakdown:

Savez-vous (sah vay voo) -Do you know
Vous (voo) -you
(ooh) -where
il (eel) -he
elle (ell) -she
il est (eel ay) -he is...
elle est (ell ay) -she is...

note: means "where", ou (without the accent) means "or". The sound exactly the same but you have to be care when writing them.

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