Sunday, April 6, 2014

Where I Went Yesterday

Hier, je suis allé à la plage (zhuh sweez ah lay ah lah plahzh) -Yesterday I went to the beach.
Hier, je suis allé au  cinéma ((zhuh sweez ah lay oh sin ay mah) -Yesterday I went to the movies
Hier, je suis allé à l'école ((zhuh sweez ah lay ah lay kohl) -Yesterday I went to school.
Hier, je suis allé à la maison de mes parents ((zhuh sweez ah lay ah lah may zhohn deh may pah rahnt) -Yesterday I went to my parents house.
Hier, je suis allé à l'église ((zhuh sweez ah lay ah lah ah lay gleez) -Yesterday I went to church.

If you want to say I didn't go to... just change each phrase to "Je ne suis pas allé..."

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