Sunday, July 22, 2012

How To Say "How Much Is It"

"quel est le prix? (kell ay leh pree) -What is the price? (considered formal)
"quel en est le prix?" (kell ahn ay leh pree) -What is the price (considered very formal)
"combien ça coûte?" (kohm bee yehn sah koot) -How much is it? (informal)
"ça coûte combien?" (sah koot combien) -How much is it? (informal)
"c'est quel prix?" (say kell pree) -How much is it? (informal)
"c'est combien?" (say kohm bee yehn) -How much is it? (informal)
"combien coûte?" (combien koot) -How much is it? (informal)

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