Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hotel Phrases of the Week

La chambre n’a pas été faite (lah shahm bruh nah pahz ay tay feht) -The room has not been made.
La clé ne fonctionne pas (lah klay neh fohnk shee ohn pah) -The key doesn't fit
Nous partons demain matin (noo pahr tohn deh mahn mah tahn) -We are leaving tomorrow morning.
Je voudrais mon compte* (zhuh voo dray mohn kahmp) I would like the bill
Nous sommes satisfaits (noo sohm sah teece fayt) -We were very pleased

*The bill in a hotel is "le compte", in a restaurant it is "l'addition" (lah dee shee ohn)

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