Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Numbers for the Week 100-500

cent (sahn) -100
deux cents (doo sahnt) -200
trois cents (twah sahnt) -300
quatre cents (kah truh sahnt) -400
cinq cents (sahnk sahnt) -500

When your saying in the hundreds it would be cent(s) plus the numbers we learned before:
cent un (sahnt uhn) -101
deux cent vingt-trois (doo sahn vahnt twah) -223
quatre cent quatre-vingt sept (kahtruh sahn kah truh vahnt seht) 487

The French for '(a) hundred' is cent. Multiples of a hundred go deux centstrois cents etc with an -s on cents. If the number is not an exact multiple of 100, then the number representing the last two digits follows cent, which loses its -s: 101 = cent un, 201 = deux cent un, 202 = deux cent deux etc. Notice that in French there is no word for 'and' between the hundreds and the tens/units, unlike in English, and that "a hundred" is just cent, not un cent.

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