Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lesson #243 Refuse!

Je refuse (zhuh reh fuse) -I refuse
tu refuses (too reh fuse) -you refuse (when speaking to a friend or family member)
il refuse (eel reh fuse) -he refuses
elle refuse (ell reh fuse) -she refuses
nous refuson (noo reh few zohn) -we refuse
vous refusez (you refuse (when speaking to someone you don't know well)
ils refusent (eel reh fuse) -they refuse (when speaking of an all male or mixed male and female group)
elles refusent (ell reh fuse) -they refuse (when speaking of an all female group)

Je refuse d'écouter (zhuh reh fuse day koo tay) -I refuse to listen
Nous refusons d'aller (noo reh few zohn dah lay) -We refuse to go
ils refusent de sortir (eel reh fuse deh sohr teer) -They refuse to leave

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