Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lesson # 46 "Not"

Some phrases to know using the word "Pas" (pah) -"Not"

Pas encore (pahz ah kore) -not yet
Pas assez (pahz ah say) -not enough
Pas mal (pah mahl) -not bad
Pas trop (pah troh) -not much
Pas ici (pahz ee see) -not here

We are going to start posting the numbers lessons again for all the newcomers & it's a good review for all of  you who already read the original lessons.

   Numbers to learn for this week:
 1 - 
une, un* (oon, uhn) 2 - deux (doo) 3 - trois (twah) 4 - quatre (kat ruh) 5 - cinq (sank)

*Note -Un, Une is "one". You use "un for a male word & "une" for a female word. To see an explanation of male and female words click here 

Lesson #47 will be on jeudi, le 8  janvier (Thursday, Jan.8)

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