Saturday, March 7, 2015 French Words

If you are using (the french site) these are some words you will see on their page:

Panier (pah nee ay) -Checkout (literally means basket)
Liste Cadeaux (leest kah doh) -Wish list (literally cadeaux means gifts)
rechercher (ray shehr shay) -Search (leterally means to look for)
Votre compte (voh truh kohmpt) -Your account
Aide (aid) -Help
Nos meilleures ventes (noh may yurr vehnt) -Bestsellers (nos -our, meilleures -best, ventes -sales)
cliquez ici (kleek ay ee see) -click here
détaillée (ray shehrsh day tah yay) -advanced search
nos rubriques (noh roo breek) -browse subjects
ajouter au panier (ah zhoo tay oh pah nee ay) -add to cart

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