Sunday, January 11, 2015

This, That, Those

ce, cet, cette, ces (seh seht seht say)  

ce (seh) -this, that is used before masculine singular nouns
cet (seht - this, that is used before singular masculine nouns that begin with a vowel
cette (seht) -this, that is used before feminine singual nouns
ces (say) these, those is used before all plural nouns

Ce garçon va à la plage (seh gar sohn vah ah lah plahzh) -This (that) boy is going to the beach
Cet homme lit le journal (seht ohm lee leh zhoor nahl) -This (that) man is reading the newspaper
Cette fille est ma sœur (seht feel ay mah soor)- This (that) girl is my sister
Ces garçons apprennent le français (say gar sohn ah prahn leh frahn say) -These (those) boys are learning French.

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