Saturday, August 2, 2014

"y" Pronoun

"y" is a pronoun that is used many ways.

It can be used to replace a name of a place:

ils vont à Paris. (eel vohnt ah pah) -They are going to Paris
ils y vont (eelz ee vohn) -They are going there.

ils sont allés au Quebec (eel sohnt ah lay oh keh behk) -They went to Quebec
ils y sont allés (eel zee sohnt ah lay) -They went there

Quand vas-tu à Paris? (kahn vah too ah pah ree) -When are you going to Paris?
J'y vais demain (zhee vay deh mahn) -I'm going there tomorrow.

Est-t-il dans sa chambre (ay teel dahn sah shahm bruh) -Is he in his room?
Oui, il y est (wee eel ee ay) -Yes, he is there.

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