Thursday, July 23, 2009

Quick Phrase of the Day - Haven't You Anything Else

Vous n'avez rien d'autre (voo nah vay ree yehn doh truh) -Haven't you anything else?

Repeat this phrase all day long till you know it by heart.

Vocabulary word of the day:
propre (proh pruh) -clean, neat
l'hotel est très propre

Children's Word of the Day -Computer

Kids, when you use a computer, say "un ordinateur"


  1. It's weird, because in British English (in France we learn British English), we would say "Haven't you GOT anything else"...
    I know that it may sound awful to American ears, but dropping the GOT sounds like there is a mistake to me ;)

  2. I guess here we say it a number of ways:
    Do you have anything else?
    Is there anything else?
    What else do you have?
    or even:
    You got anything else?


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