Thursday, July 1, 2010

French Coffee

From what I have read, coffee is different in France. While I am not a coffee drinker, I do like an occaisional frappaccino. So if & when I go to Paris I will experiment & try several types of coffee to see if I like them.

Café (kah fay) is plain coffee with nothing added, but is stronger because it is brewed like espresso.
Café au lait (kah fay oh lay) is a very popular French coffee style. In France, this is simply coffee with steamed milk, and it is terrific.
Café crème (kah fay krehm) is coffee served in a large cup with hot cream.
Café Décafféiné (kah fay day kah fah nay) is obviously, decaffeinated coffee. You will still need to tell them you want milk or cream with your coffee.
Café Noisette (kah fay nwah zett) is espresso with a tiny bit of cream in it. It is called "noisette," which is French for hazelnut, because of the dark color.
Café Americain (kah fay ah mehr ree kahn) is regular coffee similar to traditional American coffee. (Why would anyone drink this in Paris???
Café Léger (kah fay lay zhay) is espresso with double the water.
Chocolat chaud - (shaw koh lah shoh) - hot chocolate

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