Sunday, July 3, 2011

Numbers for the Week 86-90

quatre-vingt-six (kah truh vahnt seece) eighty-six          quatre-vingt-sept (kah truh vahnt seht) eighty-seven        quatre-vingt-huit (kah truh vahnt weet) eighty-eight       quatre-vingt-neuf (kah truh vahnt kah nuhf) -eighty-nine        quatre-vingt-dix (kah truh vahnt deece) -ninety

From Seventy on it gets a little more tricky. Seventy is actually sixty plus ten, Sixty plus eleven, sixty plus twelve, etc. etc.

Eighty is tricky too. Eighty is actually "four twenty" in French.

Ninety is actually "four twenty and ten" in French

Repeat these numbers every day this week

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